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#AmberNausheen Weekend Hashtag Project: #WHPUpToMe
The theme this week? You get to pick! This weekend the challenge is to come up with your very own WHP theme and bring it to life through photos and videos. Need some inspiration? Check out this image by floral designer Doan Ly (@doan_ly). Here are some tips to get started:
💡 Find your inspiration. Think about the people or things that mean the most to you, whether it’s a childhood memory or a favorite work of art.
💡 Make the rules. Then break the rules. Since you get to pick the theme, we’re giving you full permission to tap into your imagination, explore your interests and showcase your creativity.
💡 Explain your theme. In addition to #WHPUpToMe, include your own make-believe WHP hashtag in your caption. Write about your theme and its inspiration.
PROJECT RULES: Please add the #WHPUpToMe hashtag only to photos and videos shared over this weekend and only submit your own visuals to the project. By adding the #WHPUpToMe hashtag, you consent to and grant Instagram all rights to repost your photo or video. If you include music in your video submissions, please only use music to which you own the rights. Any tagged photo or video shared over the weekend with the #WHPUpToMe hashtag is eligible for the project and, if selected, to be featured next week.
Featured photo by @doan_ly

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London Fashion week is a perennial event in the international calendar and highlights the world talent, creativity and inspiration in our diverse city.
The fire at Grenfell Tower is the unfashionable side of London where 72 people needlessly lost their lives. Their deaths will not be in vain. .
We are honoured to be part of LFW that will assist our campaign in keeping a global focus on what happened at Grenfell and to support the bereaved families in their continued fight for truth and justice.
The accountable authorities have been inadequate and tardy in their response and 20 months on; no significant changes or improvements have been made and no one to date has been held responsible.
These factors and issues are fundamental to ensuring that nothing like this is ever allowed to happen again.” The incredible Yvette Williams J4G campaign coordinator.
In #solidarity and to #demand justice for those who lost their lives, Justice4Grenfell is encouraging the public to show support for the movement by resharing these images during London Fashion Week on social media with the ​#Justice4Grenfell @officialJ4G .
Please show your support and join us 💚#LFW #support #grenfell #demand #justice the #truth 💚