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Polygon says: Ryan Reynolds has a second, secret role in Deadpool 2
CBR says: Every X-Man in Deadpool 2 (Including the Ones You Missed)

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As if there was any confusion, that Juggernaut, painfully aware of his own meme history, has no connection to Deadpool 2s Juggernaut, a digital creation who goes uncredited in the full cast list. “It feels like a little bit of a reboot to us with

According to Wades fourth-wall-breaking quip, it was because the studio couldnt afford to cast another X-Man, which may have been true. Well that all changes in Deadpool 2, where not only do we get a closer look at the X-Mansion, but were given a

Deadpool 2 Cast Box-Office Preview: Deadpool 2 Plots $130M-$150M Weekend Picnic is Trending on Wednesday May 16 2018

Hollywood Reporter says: Box-Office Preview: Deadpool 2 Plots $130M-$150M Weekend Picnic

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More than two years after Ryan Reynolds Merc With a Mouth transformed into a box-office sensation, Deadpool 2 is hitting theaters around the globe. In North America, the 20th Century Fox sequel has a chance of posting a record Memorial Day weekendnbsp;…

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Atlanta star Zazie Beetz has said she was “shocked” when she was cast as Domino in Deadpool 2 as a black actress. She will be responsible for the first portrayal of the X-Force member on the big screen and will star opposite Ryan Reynolds, who will

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