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#MillaJovovich Everyone needs to read this post my young friend @avahawkmcdean made today. She is one of the most beautiful, sweet, thought provoking people I know and this really touched me. It represents how difficult our image of ourselves can be and how misplaced because of a cookie cutter representation that we are exposed to everyday and brain washed into believing is desirable. Mothers need to show this to their daughters, so they can see how gorgeous women are beating themselves up because they don’t fit a certain “standard” of beauty.
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Learning to love yourself is a very hard thing to do. Especially when you have influences like Instagram or magazines telling you what makes someone beautiful or what is socially acceptable for being beautiful. I may not have a little slope nose and big lips but I love my nose and lips and it feel good to say that after years of editing photos to try and meet that impossible standard. And being told “you aren’t the model right you must be the hairdresser”, that I wasn’t sexy enough or I was way to exotic. I use to let that word exotic make me feel bad and would hear it as an insult but for anyone else out there that feels the same way, I now realize that it is the best compliment anyone can give you because you don’t look like a fucking Instagram fem bot and exotic IS sexy. And no, you don’t look like shit without makeup on, but it sucks that the majority of us feels this way because that’s what was told to us. We would not have this idea that makeup makes u prettier or wearing this brand makes us liked and super cool if we didn’t feed that to each other. We have blame as well. So we need to own our individuality. And of course the women with those idealized features are beautiful but we need to stop feeding into the idea that it is okay to set any standard of beauty that is physically impossible to achieve and make every woman feel equally beautiful, as they should. This is who I am and I love it, and you should too. Thank you for coming to my ted talk.