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#AmberNausheen For Teen Vogue editor-in-chief Lindsay Peoples Wagner (@lpeopleswagner), Milan Fashion Week is both a sprint and another leg of a longer marathon. 👠 “My assistant calls it my world tour, which I love, because it sounds like I’m a rapper,” Lindsay says of her fashion month marathon.
Lindsay started out as a Teen Vogue (@teenvogue) intern, and as newly appointed editor-in-chief she’s hoping to bring new energy to the magazine. “It’s been about 10 years [since being an intern]. In that time, I’ve dreamed about so many things to change and to make fresh and inclusive,” she says. As an intern, Lindsay learned some valuable lessons early that she’s carried with her. “Be kind to people,” she says. “It will matter.”
Today on our story and IGTV channel, we get to be Lindsay’s plus-one to #MilanFashionWeek. 🙌 “It’s going to be an early morning, late night kind of day,” she says.