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#AmberNausheen 100 million followers? That’s wild. To congratulate National Geographic (@natgeo) on their epic milestone, we’re sharing some behind-the-scenes video from one of their wildlife filmmakers, Bertie Gregory (@bertiegregory).
“Every now and again, the stars align, and you witness an incredible wildlife spectacle,” says the 25-year-old who spends about 11 months out of the year filming wild animals. His favorite? The peregrine falcon, the fastest animal on the planet that can live almost anywhere, even big cities. “They show you don’t have to go halfway around the world to see awesome wildlife. Some of it is right on our doorstep,” he says.
Last year, Bertie did go halfway around the world, however. After a seven-day boat ride through the choppy Atlantic Ocean, he finally reached subantarctic South Georgia Island, home to “millions of seals, penguins and other seabirds” he says. “It was totally overwhelming to know that we have places like this on our planet.”
Today on our IGTV channel, we venture to this remote island with Bertie to see the native rockhopper penguins.
Photo of @bertiegregory by @spono